6. (20191213) EM coretech 회사기술 소개 발표 IR presentation

5. (20191213) Active EMI filter of EM coretech was introduced in the Ulsan MBC news.

4. (Release: 20190211)  Our active EMI filter is evolving. A 34kW 3 phase high-power AEF is also developed. The size is very small.

3. (Release: 20181130) Our active EMI filter for a high power application (11kW, 50A rms) is demonstrated. Even under the high EUT current of 50A dc, the conducted noises are well reduced by about 20~40dB from 150kHz to 3MHz. The AEF is still supplied by 15Vdc, and its power consumption is just about 750mW. The AEF is very compact, and free from the magnetic saturation and heat problems!

2. (Release: 20181119) The immunity against surge or EFT of our prototype active EMI filter was tested. Even after more than 40 tests of 4kV surge, the AEF performance is not degraded. The heat, life, and vibration reliability of the AEF will be further qualified in certified test sites.

1. (Release: 20181023) Our first prototype active EMI filter is demonstrated in a 3.3kW air conditioner application.
Instead of using the external power supply, 15Vdc from the switching control board inside the air conditioner can be used. The conducted noise is reduced by about 20~30dB from 150kHz to 5MHz.